Thursday, April 3, 2014

PPBN Designs Fairytale Princess

 I like to add color so I have some idea what color paler I am going to use.
 The I seperate layers into colors so I can cut all that color ar once.

 For the body layer I decided to remove the eyes, mouth and cheeks. I did this by selecting body, going to Objects scroll down to release compound path, click and them move piece out of the way. I did cut the eye and eye brows later out of black. I drew on the mouth and chalked the cheeks.
 I lay out my pieces where they go so I can see which layer goes first. Clue add the detail pieces last like belts, etc.
I decided so of my pieces needed glitter so I used The Rubber Cafe Scrap Happy Sheer glue and some clear glitter so the color would show through.

 Then I lay out all my pieces on the page and usually take a picture and look at it to see what other embellishments I need. I added brads to the Princes jacket and decided that the shoes needed glittered.
Background paper is from the paper Studio Fusion.

Finally I added some ribbon and adhered everything to the page.

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