Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy New Year

OK new picture I got almost identical cuts with both the Explore and the Cameo ( I just had to zoom in when I was tracing so I could see that second border)  The Explore was easier but both gave excellent results.
 The top print then cut is from the Explorer. Love how easy it was to put design into program push a button and it decided the cut lines. It picked up even on the slightly grey outline. Con was I could only cut it at around 8 inches. I wasn't given a choice of print quality not sure if this was because of computer or program. I used my apple computer because that is what is attached to my Explore. Bottom print then cut was done with my Cameo. Again the cut was beautiful, could of made my print larger but choose to make same size as other. Cons program did not pick up on the lighter grey border so it cut it off. The print quality is different because I could choose type of paper and quality I wanted in the Silhouette program. I could of messed around with my tracing but didn't.
The bottom cut was also done on the Cameo using the preset print options so closer to the Explore and adding a offset to my image. I will have to say the Explore was the easiest to cut. I could of gotten the Cameo to do better but I was trying to use the same effort on each as if I was a beginner. I do like the fact I can cut larger images with the Cameo because it allows me to use my large format printer better.

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