Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fabric flowers using Flower Shoppe Cart

I am experimenting with fabric stiffener and making flowers.  here are the two I made so far.  I painted the fabric with the stiffener and allowed to dry completely.  The I cut to fit 12x12 mat. I used a new mat and rubbed the fabric down so it would stick.  The images are cut at 5 1/2 inches.  I rolled them up but right now I haven't glued them together yet.  Experimenting, I might add some glitter to outer edge, don't know yet.  Thank you for looking.  I just added the last pic.  I set the first flower on top of 3 of the image that is on row 4, 5th from the left on the overlay. (don't have the book to give you the page number.)


  1. This is pure genius!!! I am pinning it on my pinterest board so I don't forget! They are gorgeous!

  2. Very pretty flowers! Thank you!

  3. Do you think that if you used heat and bond it would work too? They are so very Pretty!! Thanks for sharing and look forward to your next Creation!!

    Rexann (aka lavendergal)On the circle!

  4. Great tutorial! I am featuring it on my Fab Five post tomorrow.