Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fabric flowers step by step directions!

 This is the stiffener I used.  There are alot of kinds this is just what I choose to use.
 Cut fabric to a 12x12 square for connivence or a 12x24 if you want.
Cover work surface with some wax paper, freezer paper or something like that, and then squeeze on some of the stiffener.
Spread out with a paint brush or a squeegee.
Decide what flowers you are going to cut.  1st six in square in picture is the flower on the 4th row 5th key I cut these in different sizes, the top right is the 1st row 2nd flower, bottom left 2nd row 4th key, and last is 1st row 9th key.  I cut my flowers with new blade on 4, pressure and speed on high.
I taped down the fabric to insure it didn't move.
Take off mat and roll up.

Glue back when finished.
I cut 7 of these don't really know why but it worked.

Put brad in center hole.

Crunch together

And here is the flower.
These is cut at different sizes and the first and second on I just glued the tab but on the next few I glued one section over to make a more cupped piece.  The center two are flower on the 2nd row 10 key.  I put a brad through all pieces.

and this is the flower.
The E-600 worked and 

so did the hot glue

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial I'm not very good at this but hope this helps.


  1. Ok now I am totally distracted from my project LOL I will have to give these atry now. Thanks Janice it is a great tutorial!!!!

  2. You are just too awesome!!! Thanks for the tutorial! Saw your flowers in the CC MB and had to come over here! TFS!

  3. Amazing tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing!


    I am your newest follower!

  4. Thank you for the instructions! You make it look easy! Great job!

  5. You are not good - YOU ARE GREAT!!!! Thanks for sharing these terrific instructions!!! Your flowers are great (like you).

  6. You are so wonderful to provide this tutorial! I have to go get some fabric stiffener and do this project! I love how your flowers turned out. I just love these!!

  7. Fantastic tutorial! I love your fabric flowers - I am going to pick up some fabric stiffener this weekend just because of this! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  8. OMG! This is FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for packing so many designs into one tutorial! Can't wait to have a day off so I can play! I have everything I need to do this at home! YAY!!! Don't you just love tutorials that list ingredients that you already own? So exciting!!!