Monday, May 12, 2014

Graduation Box Card

Graduation Box Card

Cute School OwlCongrats!

 These are the two files I used to create my box card. I used Ken's file from his blog and added my own shapes. I shrunk all the pieces until they fit in the box.

This is for my niece who is graduating and becoming a teacher so I thought the owl was a good choice for my card. The paper I used was a school pack from Authentique. I love that it was double sided so I could use both sides.
The stamp I used on the top left is from CTMH.
This is how I set up my cut. On the owl in the upper left I added a small box so I had a place to glue the owl to the card. I did this by welding the box shape to his feet area. On the inset I added another another rectangle shape and then the grad. hat shape and I placed the balloons and strings how I wanted to use the and did an offset, then added this where I wanted it on the inset.  I then welded all together. I got rid of some shapes because they were too small just choose the layer I wanted.

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