Thursday, April 28, 2011

Second half of roses

I cup the three largest shapes by overlapping one petal.  Curl the petals out.  On the two smaller of these I remove the point.

I press a flat spot in all three so they set together better

Glue these three together by putting glue in center well.

This is the two petal piece.  I curl half tight and curl the petal out on the other.  Glue to hold.  Cut off a little at bottom  so will fit into rest.

The last petal I cut off tip roll out petal and cup around other piece.  I cup around dowel that I use to bent petals. 

Finished rose.  Just poke hold down middle and put a pipe cleaner
through, make a ball on end and pull inside flower to hold.  You can use floral wire or a dowel to make it stand.


  1. These are lovely! Thanks for posting this!!

  2. Thank you so much for doing the directions! Your flowers are beautiful!
    Nadia (With Glittering Eyes blog)

  3. Thank you so much for showing how to do these, can't wait to try.
    Cherylann (prinkles)

  4. WOW!!! The rose is beautiful!! Thanks for posting a step by step! it was great meeting you yesterday!

  5. Hey there! Thanks so much for the tutorial...I told you they were awesome!!!!

    I have a surprise for you over on my blog...go check it out :)