Monday, January 17, 2011

Imagine Gypsy testing

I was one of the testing team for the new download.  Well when I tried it the first time I got through the first turn back on your gypsy and then it went to a screen that said "do not turn off".  I waited for it to finish for over 4 hours and it was still on that screen.  Decided after reading some other posts that I was froze.  Went to bed and tried again in the morning.  Again waited for 4 hours and nothing, ( had turned off my firewall). Well decided to give it another try and this time I just picked the last two download and left off the gypsy content one.  Well that loaded quick and just fine.  Had to go to help menu and go through that to get the last to load.  My Imagine loaded just fine the first time.  Everything is cutting and printing as it should and I am happy to get it loaded.  Would of liked to see more options to work with the images like being able to move them around, but I will wait, I know good things will come.


  1. How smart you are to run the downloads separatly !! I would have never thought of that!!Thank you for sharing this!! I can't wait until we all get to link!!

  2. Here is the directions that Laney's Lagacy Blog posted! The way I did it was to copy & paste the "http://blog name" in my new post comments, then highlighted it and hit the link at the top of the comments box. Hope this helps you out and you are so welcome I think your blog is GREAT!
    I'm new too and had to play around to get it to work since i have a mac! love your Blog