Monday, November 29, 2010

Magazine Challenge Dec.

The bag was cut from TBBM stretched to be as big as it could be on the 12x24 mat.  I cut it from double sided poster board giving it some strength.  I cut the stage at 5 1/2" from Twinkle Toes, pop dotting so it stood out a little.  I I-rocked the curtain.  The gift tag dancers are cut at 3 1/2" from twinkle Toes.  I used some Stickles, some I -Rock to bling up the outfits.


  1. OMG, Janice! This is so cute! Didn't think I need Twinkle Toes because of Shall We Dance, but heck I gotta have this one! Thanks for sharing. Your project looks really cool!

  2. That is very cute!! Checked out yuor other posts as well yiou have many great ideas!! I became a follower of your blog! i'll be checking in now and then!!

  3. Thank you both you made my day!

  4. LOVE IT!!!! I actually bought this cartridge because of this project. Thanks for inspiring me!